About Gisèle's artwork

Over time an artist develops by experimenting with different approaches ,media, techniques as well as ideas and themes.  Experience and sagacity allows the artist to weave together these disparate threads into a unifying vision.  After more than 40 years of exploration and perfecting her art, Gisele Comtois brings forth to us paintings of beautiful sophistication. The works become the delightful focus of any room, not by shocking or jolting the viewer, but by enveloping him or her with a serene and vibrant energy.  Building on the essential foundation of a strong composition Mme Comtois amplifies the effect with her shimmering palate.  Only a very accomplished artist can deploy such bold strokes of colour, weighing the value of each hue, each shade, all the while maintaining the balance and harmony of the composition….

ZStraw Hat & Flowers(1)

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